Outstanding Authorizations

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I've seen them a few times on my account....can someone explain what they are exactly? Why would a purchase be there and not a regular charge, how long are they there, is there an extra charge for them?


  • Nissim
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    An outstanding authorization is a hold on funds processed by merchants, done in order to verify that you have sufficient funds on your card for a transaction.
    Some merchant agreements with MasterCard allow merchants to pre-authorize amounts smaller or larger than the expected transaction amount.

    Due to regulations set by MasterCard and Payoneer, we cannot cancel outstanding authorizations, and must wait for them to expire on their own, which can take up to several days.

    These are most seen with merchants that offer a service prior to receiving payment, such as a restaurant or gas station. In the case of gas stations, paying at the counter is normally a way to avoid this (rather than paying at the pump).

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