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Payoneer fund transfer problems???

Charie Member Posts: 3
Two fund transfers were supposed made from Payoneer, the first on October 7th and the second on October 14th - to date, neither have been received by my bank. Payoneer sent me confirmations for the two supposed transfers to give to my bank but after investigation, the bank said the confirmations were to a third party (MoneyNet) and without confirmation/reference numbers from MoneyNet, they cannot find any record of funds being transferred. Payoneer's customer service claims it's up to my bank to find the funds, my bank says Payoneer needs to provide more information (which they will not do saying it's not necessary). In fact, Payoneer's online chat CSR's seem to be going out of their way to give as little information as possible while asking the same questions repeatedly as if they do not understand English. Emails to support are also going unanswered.

The money that Payoneer seems to have lost is a significant amount to me ($425 or 20,000 pesos) with them currently holding another 11,500 pesos. It seems that other people are having the exact same problem. Is Payoneer in financial trouble? Is MoneyNet in financial trouble? Has anyone had a resolution to this problem?

I am considering contacting MoneyNet to see what I can learn. I am also considering contacting Payoneer's CEO Scott Galit. The New York State Attorney General Eric Tradd Schneiderman is another direction in which to direct complaints or prompt an investigation of Payoneer.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?


  • Golam_Azam
    Golam_Azam Member Posts: 95 ✭✭
    Call the highlighted number below to solve the problem..

    Golam Azam