how can i apply for payoneer master card?

mdabdulkadir03mdabdulkadir03 Posts: 2Member
already I signed up a account in payoneer 3 weeks ago but I didn't revive master card until now...

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  • mdabdulkadir03mdabdulkadir03 Posts: 2Member
    I am from bangladesh...
  • sadequrrjewelsadequrrjewel Posts: 1Member
    you have to wait for Message from Payoneer’s Account Approval Department
  • Golam_AzamGolam_Azam ✭✭ Posts: 105Member ✭✭
    log in your account and fund apply for mastercard menu. Put all information according to your national ID. Payoneer will send mastercard to your address.
    Golam Azam
  • SheedalSheedal ✭✭ Posts: 35Member ✭✭

    Applying for Payoneer account is that Easy!
    All you have to do is follow the following steps.

    • Click this sign up bonus link to go the
    • Click on Sign UP & Earn $25 bonus.
    • Fill in all important details in the sign up page.
    • Submit your form for a review and once your submission is reviewed, you will get the approval email within 2 to 5 business days.

    Make sure to use the Sign UP bonus to get free bonus.

    Hope that helps.

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