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Information Required to Receive a Payment

Hello, I'm just make a payment with my client, and my client send the payment via eCash and I must wait for 5-8 days, but after 3 hours from when my client sent it. I got 1 email that tell me about this

"In order to receive this payment, please do the following within 7 days:

- Complete the application form.
- Upload a copy of your government-issued photo ID (such as your national ID card, passport, or driver's license)."

15 minutes after that I receive email again with the same subject but different content like this

"In order to receive this payment, please complete the application form within 7 days."

and all of the email have the "Complete Form" button

so which button that I need to click and which form that I need to fill ? it's confusing and I decide to fill first form because the email coming first
is it make a problem ?

another question is, Is this process can pause the payment waiting times that 5-8 days ?


  • PayoneerBrasilHelp
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    Hi @okiprasastio

    Thast happens when they are trying to confirm information and validade the account. It is also to protect you and your clients. It happens to me sometimes and I really like the verification process. Please contact Payonner by phone or reply to the email and they will help you with the verification process. Even though it's two emails, it's all the same process and you can follow either one of those.  Good luck!

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