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Can I get a 'shipment code' or something like that because I (still) haven't gotten the card?

DarkSocksRaily Member Posts: 1
edited November 2016 in Popular Questions and Tips

I applied for a payoneer card. In the confirmation email I received it said that it would arrive in the time frame from 21 October to 26 October. Today is the 1 November (5 days after the deadline) and it still hasn't arrived.

I believe the whole application process went well. I can log in to my account and it says wait for the card and activate it. But, as mentioned above I didn't get the card yet.

I called the post office yesterday and they told me to ask the sender for a 'shipment code' or something like that so that they could check if the package has arrived. Hence my question, can I get that 'shipment code' or what should I do at this time?

Thanks for reading and/or any replies.

P.S. If this post is in the wrong place then I apologize and please move it if you can. If not then just notify me and I'll move or delete it.