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first trancfer for me on payoneer

abohaidy Member Posts: 3
hello i transfer funds to my payoneer this is my first time.. I received confirm the transfer of funds, but so far does not appear in my account at the Payoneer shows 00:00
(11/1/2016 3:59:59 PM) How do you make sure that the transfer succeeded tried to enter my bank account associated with the Pioneer and I could not because I do not know the password


  • PayoneerBrasilHelp
    PayoneerBrasilHelp Member Posts: 74 ✭✭
    edited November 2016
    Hi! You can contact Payoneer and inquire about the funds but it is also possible that you will need to go through further verification (id verification) before receiving your first payment. If it has been more than a few hours since you received confirmations, please contact them so they can provide you with additional details.

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