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Under review 12 days!!??

Hello community just got my new payoneer card made a payment request to a client whom subsequently paid, it took 4 days to verify with phone number invoices and even webshop they also contacted my customer for documents which he also did. while all of this was going on, my client got tired of waiting and cancelled the order with me and also spoke with his bank which in turn made payoneer unable to debit his account. I also went on there and cancelled since they were asking me to send through the payment again. Now I got another client and made a request again assuming this time that since I am already verified it would be much smoother but alas! It has been 13 days of contacting support yet all they ever say is your order is under review! I mean has this happened to anyone ??? Please share your experiences I have even sent through the order to my client but will I ever get my money or count that as a loss? Was thinking this a convenience but a far cry from that at the moment :(


  • cskasler
    cskasler Member Posts: 3
    Hi, same there....
  • bernardipes
    bernardipes Member Posts: 8

    Same here too
  • seghier
    seghier Member Posts: 6
    In this case using paypal is better
    If i wait one month with payobeer so i prefer paypal because i will be sure that i receive the money and wait to use it
    Payoneer says 5 days with echeck but it's very complicated method with very bad support and no protection.
    The clients can easily receive their money and disappear
    I will never use this request payment again
  • lesterjover
    lesterjover Member Posts: 5
    Hi i received an email saying that my payment has been process with the payment id 33242485 . i sent back all the information they ask but as of now i haven't received an email "Good News" . Usually when payment is process they send me a confirmation stated your payment is being process 3-5 business days, So how come there is no Confirmation email coming from payoneer. Its like Im waiting for nothing coz i dont know if they will be sending the money or not. So im hoping that support could sent me an email if whats going on with my money.
  • albertyulius
    albertyulius Member Posts: 4
    Hi Larry,

    I have the same problem, but I'm the customer that reqested to pay (through Payoneer) by [email protected] for what I ordered to them. The email said that the payment is under review without giving any maximum time (or at least estimated time) to be under reviewed. The online seller didn't giving me any response too, (it felt like I started deceived)

    I tried to contact PAYONEER for this matter but til today I did'nt get any response!! Very bad customer care!

    Anyway, are you fully received your money today? I'm confuse, to whom I need to talk to, about my problem. Please advise.