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Is Payoneer for the client or to f... the client?

You can read everywhere the long time to get your money....

What do you think, is it accidentally?

What COULD Payoneer do, to procces the payments QUICKLY?

1) I got a payment, status: under review (5 days - bad, but now maybe ok)
2.a) after they reviewed, they accept the payment
2.b) after they reviewed, and can't accept a payment, they send you a message, that we need this and this to can accept the payment. Please send these Informations to us and we process the Payment in 2 days.
3) Everybody happy

What DOES Payoneer do to process the payments SLOWLY?

1) the changes the payment status to "Missing information, please contact Customer Support" just before weekend
2) You don't get any message
3) You don't get any info what they need, you need to contact them?
4) You need to wait for the answer
5) You send the infos
6) You need to wait to be processed
7) I'm very curious, if i get a message after this, that they forgot something :D


  • detonix
    detonix Member Posts: 3
    Looks like support no longer supports. It is a sign that Payoneer has serious problems or even dying.