Iam Bangladeshi So I have no ssn,ein or itin

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Today Payoneer send this mail but i dont know how can i solve it so please help me

Dear Ahmed Ali

Thank you for choosing Payoneer as your payment solution for receiving funds from Payoneer Affiliate Program.

As Payoneer Affiliate Program is required by law to deduct taxes when making payment, it is necessary for you to submit the relevant tax form. On behalf of Payoneer Affiliate Program, we kindly ask that you use the link below to locate and submit the appropriate form. We recommend that you do this as soon as possible in order to avoid any unnecessary delays in payment.

As we are not authorized to provide you with advice on completing the tax form, please consult a tax professional if you require assistance. All information supplied by you will be kept in strict confidence.

Submit Tax Form Now
When I click this link and file up my user details. here last option have SSN Or ETN Or ITIN
But this Tax Identification Mark Only For USA People,Im Bangladeshi And retired from governtment Job,i have a bangladeshi tax number.im agree to provide it but here is no option.
Now What Can I do,


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    Hello, What is the update of this issue?
    I am always fine. You?