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Using Payoneer Card as a Credit Card

I have a Debit Card issued by Standard Chartered Pakistan which unfortunately I am not able to use for an online payment which only allows credit cards.

I spoke to a Payoneer representative and they say a Payoneer card can be used as a credit card. This is further reinforced by the following text on a Payoneer blog:

"At Payoneer, we do our best to offer a variety of payment to our global network. The Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard® card is essentially a combination between a credit card and a debit card. The card can be used online, in-store and at ATMs worldwide just like a credit card; however, the card must be preloaded with funds before it can be used, which means that much like a debit card, you must have funds available to utilize the card. Whether via partner/affiliate payments, private loads, card to card transfers, or any other load method, once funds have been added to the card it can be used to make purchases both online and offline, at any location worldwide accepting debit MasterCard® cards.

As the card is prepaid, it is not linked to any line of credit or bank account, and therefore any purchase attempts exceeding the available card balance will simply be declined (which is an excellent way to budget your funds and stuck to that budget). Additionally, the card is not linked to your personal banking details and is therefore is far more secure (and reduces the risks of fraud)."

Now that I know my Payoneer card can be used as a Credit Card, I need to load funds into the card before I can use it.

The Payoneer representative said that you cannot load personal funds into your card, but you can request a payment. Is it against the rules to load personal funds in the card, or is it something that the Payoneer account does not have an option for? If latter is the case, can I create a payment request and pay using the same bank account to which I withdraw funds?


  • muhammad_fakhar
    muhammad_fakhar Member Posts: 5
    Bhai Pakistan m card ksy ship hota hy???
    Matlab leopard courier sy ya Pakistan post sy...mjy card nhe mil raha
  • Qamar uz Zaman
    Qamar uz Zaman Member Posts: 2
    Payoneer card is meant for receiving payments and not for loading own money.
  • Akif3388
    Akif3388 Member Posts: 15 ✭✭
    @muhammad_fakhar Pakistan post se
  • sashaspassion
    sashaspassion Member Posts: 1
    Qamar uz Zaman says that the card is only for receiving payments.
    I tried to register for a card so I could receive payments from a internet company who supports Payoneer but Payoneer would not even let me register for a card.
    I do not have a bank account which seems to be the only way that you can get a card from Payoneer.
    This is in contradiction to what they advertise on their main page.