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Money stuck for 4 days

novikovma Member Posts: 3
A scheduled payment came in 4 days ago... and stuck. Payment id is 33345130. Can you please advise me what is the status of it? As with every payment, i got an email asking to send me details about what my customer does and what i did for him, which i sent the first time but not after that - just in case, i resent same information i did the first time. Yet, it was 4 days and the money still isn't there. All i see is a yellow exclamation mark with no text line (like 'payment awaiting approval' - which i seen with the previous payments but not this one). What's wrong? When will my money come through?


  • novikovma
    novikovma Member Posts: 3
    Finally came in today. Probably it was my fault that i was ignoring those document requests for so long. Sorry guys!