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URGENT! Cannot withdraw to bank account without activating Payoneer card?

Hello, I currently have a balance in my USD account and am set to receive another payment on Monday. I have also ordered a Payoneer card, but this will not arrive until November 23rd - December 2nd. Come Monday, I want to be able to withdraw my funds to the personal bank account that I have linked to my Payoneer account. When emailing support to inquire about the withdrawal minimums, I was also told that I will be unable to withdraw funding until I have activated my Payoneer card.

I don't have time to wait 4 or 5 more days for support to answer me, so I am trying here. What kind of insane policy is that? I have to assume that this is some kind of mistake. The card is optional, so it should have no effect on my ability to send funds to an external account. If this is not a mistake, am I seriously expected to just wait another 14 days or more to access my money? That is completely ridiculous and not at all possible since I require things like food and and have bills. Can someone please help clarify this nonsense?

To simplify and clarify my intentions: I have funds in my Payoneer account already. I have an external bank account linked already. I have ordered a Payoneer card, but want to withdraw money to my external account before the card arrives.

Thank you.


  • sophie26
    sophie26 Member Posts: 20 ✭✭
    You are right. This is really ridiculous and nonsense and insane. I guess this is payoneer.
    Once I get my money I forget this whole scumbag gang forever.
    Sorry I can not help you. I just have a same feeling like you.
    There are so many mistic errors and of course is always a failure of costumers not the payoneer.
    I have never read before card activation you can not withdraw money your bank account because of card is optional. Or not? I do not have a card and I do not want to have.

    I see a lot of people have problems, me too.
    Lots of different problem, but the core of the problem "money somewhere in the system" and "poor costumer service" and "empty nonsense explanations" but our money what we really needed is nowhere.

    I have just open a topic, because of my worries. I am really worry about I have never see my money.
    Please when your problem solved let me know how and share your experience.

    (sorry my english is low)