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Payoneer ExChange rate

beasty Member Posts: 2
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  • David
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  • Tamarella
    Tamarella Member Posts: 3
    "The rate is based on MasterCard, however when a transaction is made in a currency other than USD, charges of up to 3% may be assessed above the MasterCard rate. "

    Will you please let me know where exactly is this stated, except here? Because, the only thing I have found about this issue is on Payoneer FAQ page:

    "How is my foreign exchange (FX) rate determined?
    Foreign exchange conversion rates and cross-border fees are determined by MasterCard® and computed at the time of the transaction – both retail point-of-sale and ATM*. Because exchange rates are constantly changing, your rate is determined based on the date and time of the transaction. This rate will also be used to convert any applicable bank or ATM fees."

    So, this doesn't comply one to another?!

    Is there ONE place on the internet where all the Payoneer fees are presented? I'd really like to know what to expect and not to experience.

    To sum it up: if I have $100 on my Payoneer card, I'd like to know how maximum I can withdraw in € on ATM, and not to play "Lucky-guess-or-you'll-be-extra-charged" game? Please explain to me for a date September, 10th 2015. My Bank charges €3 for withdrawal from its ATM.

    If you don't explain to me step by step, I'll assume that you hide this from users. I have graduated my master, and I'm sure will mathematics presented by you, here.

    Kind regards,