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I am a new freelance web developer and want to use payoneer so kindly give me some info

I live in pakistan and here every bank demand a source of income to open a bank and they consider online is not a source and I have no other source to show them because I am just a non graduate freelancer web developer who wants to work online.
I want ask a question that is it possible to use Payoneer account to get the payment of my Upwork account? and if yes then what about the or or or any individual person lives in amarica or england and finland who have paypal ?
and one more question if all above is yes or not then once I gave them business proof then if my income came from any other source like i gave them the proof as upwork freelancer then what about if I get the money from individual then my account will block? or they will demand any proof or not?
Kindly Inform Me.
God Bless You and You May Live Long.


  • sweet_vampire
    sweet_vampire Member Posts: 21 ✭✭


    Yes according to my information 

    You can use Payoneer with you any Freelancing Account, it is the best to use...

    and Forget about Paypal , it will only bring you trouble.

  • Hi, all excellent questions. Payoneer is a direct partner of all of the companies and websites you mentioned. You can register for an account through one of their back office's and then add the others to your Payoneer account. On top of that, Payoneer offers the Global Payment Service which allows you to be paid by companies from the US, UK, and the EU. For individual work Payoneer has the Billing Service which works as an invoicing system. For some payments you may be asked for supporting documentation. For more information about our services check out our blog,