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ATM withdrawal failure charged

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  • Sarfaraz
    Sarfaraz Member Posts: 1
    hi there
    i am Parveen Sarfaraz from pakistan and i need to complain about today's incident , i used MCB Atm to with draw 80$ today , machine was stuk abd it showed that we cannot access so i didn't get the cash and i went out but in my payoneer online account there is a cutting of 84$ in my transaction list which i didn't receive .. what is the procedure to fix it and how can i get my lost payment back please help me out
    Parveen Sarfaraz
  • Many times the issue in these cases is not that the funds were charged, but they were put aside for the transaction and are pending to return to your account. Try to see if the funds are shown in the "outstanding authorization" transaction list. If they are, they will most likely return to your account within the next 10 business days. To be sure, contact Payoneer's Support Center to inquire about your case.
  • Gilbert_M
    Gilbert_M Member Posts: 4
    Hi Yarden, this also happened to me but after three days the account was charged rather than credited after the failed transaction. I have contacted support but they take forever to respond. They should address this issues expeditiously.