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hello, who ever read this, i dont think someone will be bother anyway is not even thier problem, and

nobody even try to help, i had try everything so somebody here can help me, but nobody have, anyway last

saturday i withdraw my salary at my local bank atm machine, and the atm did not dispense cash, i was so

nervous and scared becoz i need that money is a lot for me 10,000PHP is not a joke i work for it, and atm

said complete process and didnt even give me a cash so i run inside of BDO inside bank and ask for help

why is not atm didnt even give me a reciept so the girl who is working bdo local philippine bank said the

atm debited my card so she ask what card it is, etc and she advice me to report into payoneer so i can have

back my money she also said its only takes 3 to 5 working days, but its doesnt seem like that becoz since

then i have been reading all this issue the same my issue someone said it takes 90 days, well what else can

i do? nothing right apart of trying to get in contact but payoneer help doesnt really help, even now

its already wensday here i havent get any message say this is what i need to do to start despute etc,

nothing at all zero! so i think i lost my salary and people here dont care at all i try all i can called them

nobody help the voice call doesnt have option for my issue so how can i press a number for my issue if it

doesnt any? livechat is not working too, it just keep saying what time livechat is they said 6,am start so i

wake up early trying to get help nothing happen too, so i wrote this not sue if someone will pay attention, is

not fair working so hard and then have this problem they should have help for this issue i feel so bad about

it, i work for it, please for someone who have the same problem or had, please help me how to start fixing

it Thanks


  • aalovelybebe
    aalovelybebe Member Posts: 61 ✭✭
    hi there, you need to call the CS to report what happened, and fill the form of dispute. if im not wrong it takes 3 mos to get the refund from it. but i hope you will get fix your problem asap, and advice you to apply for payoneer mastercard instead of using local bank they having issue of recieving and sending funds from our local bank here in the philippines.
  • Abeh
    Abeh Member Posts: 2
    Hello thanks for you help, but where do i get cs contact number?
  • supertoniii
    supertoniii Member Posts: 4
    edited December 2016
    Same thing happened to me when I tried to withdraw at Metrobank ATM. And sorry to tell you this, but I don't think you'll ever get that money again. :( Payoneer is a terrible company. Please read about my experience below. I posted it on several freelancer threads on facebook. Hopefully, by sharing our experiences, we can warn others from using it:

    I stopped using payoneer bec of their horrible service. I withdrew money from an ATM but it didn't dispense any cash. This was the second time it happened so I wasn't worried. When it happened the first time, they put the money back to my acct after a week without me doing anything. However, for this second one, the money was still not back in my acct after one week so I decided to send them a support ticket. No reply. I've read threads where people had similar issue and they were told to contact the bank so I tried that, too. My bank told me to contact Payoneer directly. I was more inclined to believe my bank bec, again, this was the second time this happened and with the first one, I didn't have to do anything. I sent another email to payoneer. Still no reply. I've also read in another thread that sometimes it takes 90 days for the money to be returned. I figured I'll stop using the card, wait 90 days and see if the money comes back. After more than 3 months and several emails to support (not once did I get a reply, btw), the money still hasn't returned to my acct. Good thing it was only $42. If you're a freelancer in the Philippines and you're looking for ways to transfer money/payment, you're better off sticking with PayPal or local funds transfer to your bank.