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Can I sign up for a Payoneer business account as a European with a business registered in the USA?


I'm a European resident and my business, although registered in the USA is conducted from Europe. I want to sell software on my website. My bank account is also located in Europe. Yet, the Certificate of Organization of my LLC specifies the American address. So, on paper, my business is located in the USA. Does Payoneer accept this type of business situation ? Can I sign up for a Payoneer business account ?

Thank you!


  • Hi there, signing up for a company account will be one of your options when registering. However, Your IP address needs to match the country you are signing up in. So for an American company, you will need to apply from a US IP address. Business can then be conducted globally.
  • drechtreign
    drechtreign Member Posts: 2
    Hi Jason. Thank you for your answer. So, if I sign up for a Payoneer business account from an American IP, entering the American address for my company, will I be able to enter a European personal address during the sign up process ? From the sign up forms that I saw, this doesn't seem possible. And if yes, what will happen when I'll be asked to verify my account by sending the company's documents ? In these documents the nominal address of the company is in the USA but my personal address from where I conduct my business is in Europe ? I fear the account will be limited or suspended.