I did not get my mastercaed

I order a mastercard and payoneer give me a mail where they told that your card has been sent to you by Regular Mail and is estimated to arrive between 26 Oct 2016 and 04 Nov 2016. But i did not get it . Now what can i do .Please help me.


  • srarifuzzaman
    srarifuzzaman Member Posts: 0
    I had to order a card in the last couple of months ago, but still did not get the card?
  • grsohan
    grsohan Member Posts: 10 ✭✭
    try another or contact to your nearest post office... :smile:
  • MstSheuli
    MstSheuli Member Posts: 2
    please help me .i am not login my payoneer account
  • Santo
    Santo Member Posts: 3
    Contact your post office which you provided in shipping address..
  • If your card didn't arrive within the estimated arrival date, you can order a replacement card by logging in to your account and selecting the "Haven't received your card yet?" tab located at the top-center of the screen. Also please check out the following article to see how to enter your address in order to increase the chances of your card arriving on time. http://blog.payoneer.com/filling-out-your-address-is-important-heres-why/