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GBP Conversation

Hello! I've read that problem with PayPal GBP Conversation appeared when the cards got available with a microchip, and if you order the card without it, the currency of the new card will me the USD. Question: Where can I order this card without microchip? Is it possible to order it with fast delivery? Thank you in advance!


  • By default, PayPal's conversion system recognizes your card as an international card, and therefore charges you in a currency different from USD.

    In order to avoid additional fees you may change your PayPal conversion settings to the original currency listed by the seller. You may do this by clicking on the link "Other Conversion Options" before completing a specific purchase.

    The EMV chip is for the security of your card.
  • SamehEG
    SamehEG Member Posts: 2
    PayPal changed how they handle this today. If you changed the options in "Other Conversion Options" before you make the payment, PayPal will give you an error message that you can't use this credit card for this transaction. Payoneer & PayPal just charged me $217 for $200 transaction!

    PayPal forced me to pay in GBP. I can't understand if Payoneer MasterCard issued from US why PayPal think it's a GBP credit card??