Very Serious Issue - Unauthorized Payment

My Account Is Compromised.
I just send a support ticket, but I always get reply after several days, always delay. Even, right now chat is unavailable saying about high volume of inquiries. I don't understand why you guys are not improving your support system.
I am left in hell on emergency and I have to wait days after days for a support? So, I am posting here also. Please help.

Message that I sent via contact form..
My Account Is Compromised.
I recently found that a scam named "GEMCON FOOD & A.P.LTD." charged my account on this 23rd of November. I googled it and found that they had done this type scam before.

I didn't authorized this payment. My card is also in hand, I didn't go outside within last 2 days and didn't used my card. So, my account seems to be compromised.

Please take a look and let me know.

I always get reply from you guys very late. I tried to chat, it is also unavailable due to high volume of inquiries. PLEASE REPLY FAST.

I REALLY DON'T UNDERSTAND, IF CHAT IS NOT POSSIBLE, THEN HOW I CAN GET SUPPORT ON URGENT? Will you refund me money if any more unauthorized payment occur because of your delay action?

Waiting for your response,
Warmly regards,
Abid H.
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