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Transaction Declined by Hostgator

seemake Member Posts: 2
It was black Friday, I happily try to get a new domain name at Hostgator, but unlucky my payoneer card payment not approved. The transaction was of only $3 and the amount in my payoneer account was $10.05. I don't know what was the reason. If someone can guide me in this regard.


  • Madbunny
    Madbunny Member Posts: 37 ✭✭
    edited November 2016
    I'm in a similar business so i can give you some ideas what could happen:

    1. Sad to say but looking from hosting point of view your country is on the list for potential scam or some other unwanted activities. Nothing to do with you and i assume you will find this unfair but i'm telling you how is the situation.

    2. You IP is from Pakistan and they can see that your card is issued in USA or EU (mainly from GB) so it will automatically flag as potential fraud. Even i, as small player in the field can check the country of origin of any credit or maestro card, only thing i need is first 6 digits of your card number.

    3. Dont think this is the reason but in some small percentage it could be - they blacklisted Payoneer.

    If you ask me i would say 1 or 2 or even both as why they rejected your order.

    P.S. Just for future reference - this is the main reason why majority of declined orders happen with Payoneer cards. If you are from EU and the card is from EU even some other country it is not so suspicious like if you have card issued in USA/EU and your IP is from Pakistan, India, China... etc.
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  • seemake
    seemake Member Posts: 2
    Your points are valid. Thanks God that, Facebook has accepted my payment by payoneer card.