Missing Payments

Hey there.
I've been dealing with Payoneer CS for TWO months now due to two missing payments in October. I've been repeatedly told that this issue is rare and that they're making an (expedited? ha. Okay.) effort to trace the payments.
Funny enough, I've just read through some threads on here and there have been multiple people who are dealing with this exact issue, for the month of October. The impression I get is either that the story I've been given is completely false, or that they have no idea where any of the money is and have made absolutely no effort to find it. (How is that possible?)
There's clearly an issue here. It doesn't seem like anybody else has received their money yet, let alone been answered regarding this topic.
The last email I received from CS was 8 days ago, I've sent two in the meantime and while they were able to answer the company I work for when they contacted Payoneer about it, they weren't able to get back to me. I haven't had money for a month now, and on top of not being able to pay bills or even eat regularly, my cell phone service has been canceled by the company due to long distance charges from calling Payoneer.
So, what's up? You're ignoring us? How can I trust the legitimacy of this company if you can't properly carry out the service you provide? And again, how can it possibly take two months to trace a payment?
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