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PayPal charges my Payoneer Mastercard in GBP instead of USD .. I pay 7% fees per transaction

SamehEG Member Posts: 2

PayPal has been charging my Payoneer Mastercard in GBP instead of US for a while now. Isn't Payoneer Mastercard issued in US? I tried the Issuer Exchange Rate trick but PayPal revert back to their Exchange Rate.

I've been paying 7% for each transaction I do with PayPal using my Payoneer Mastercard. This is insane!

Why PayPal insist on charging my card in GBP?

One of the main reasons I use Payoneer to receive payments is to use it to pay via PayPal.



  • sofiotero7
    sofiotero7 Member Posts: 3
    Hello Sameh!

    I've been having the same problem with my card. I made several big purchases and so far I have been charged a total of $319 USD in conversion fees!! Ridiculous, right?

    After much research, I was informed by one of the shops that my card was issued by Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd., which is located in the United Kingdom, and that is why I was being charged in GBP even though my card is in USD. Apparently, some shops detect your card's issuing country and charge you in the currency of that country.

    So the problem isn't Paypal or the merchant you are buying from, it's the issuing country of your Payoneer card. I have contacted customer support requesting a refund of the conversion fees I was unjustifiably charged. I am currently waiting for a response from them.

    I hope this helps everyone who is having the same problem!
  • ala21ddin21
    ala21ddin21 Member Posts: 1
    Please update when you get an answer from the customer support, I have the same problem :(

    Thanks =)
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 95

    By default, PayPal's conversion system recognizes your card as an international card, and therefore charges you in a currency different from USD.

    In order to avoid additional fees you may change your PayPal conversion settings to the original currency listed by the seller. You may do this by clicking on the link "Other Conversion Options" before completing a specific purchase.