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Warning Payoneer!!

skzisghost Member Posts: 20 ✭✭
Warning!!!!  Do not use Payoneer!!!!!!!!

If you could, you can use paypal, or wire. They are most reliable.

Its been almost a month and they still didn't paid us our money!!

They make empty promises, from a few business day, to 5 business day, and finally they will tell you they are reviewing the issue and you have to wait for xxx months or never get your money!!!

First week, they blame our bank for technical issue. I wen't to my bank's HQ and ensure theres no technical issue. So they can't use this excuse no more so they said its their banking partner having technical issue.

The third week, now they admit its their technical issue.

Let me ask you, a month to solve a technical issue. In which they will not take responsibility to make your fund accesible due to their mistake.

They just keep you hanging. 

Would you work with such company?

If you rely on them, you will get messed up anytime!!

Warning!!!! Think carefully before you use!! 

This is a FACT!