Shipping address of the debit card

marcognajulmarcognajul Posts: 1Member
I created my payoneer account with a not so specific address. I changed my address to a more specific one. Will the debit card reach the second address? I really want to know this because payoneer does not respond to me


  • tayyabbaigtayyabbaig Posts: 0Member
  • mohamedgmailmohamedgmail Posts: 0Member
    Until now I didn't receive my tracking number I want it to track my payoneer card

    My email is:
  • mohammedzyaramohammedzyara Posts: 0Member
    what shall i do to take it
  • OayanOayan Posts: 0Member
    I've ordered the payoneer prepaid debit card twice. And I still didn't get it... may I ask why???
  • rahat1626rahat1626 Posts: 0Member
    i do not got my credit card yet though i have got several email for activating.i also do not find any "have n't got ur card yet "tab. what can i do. pls hrlp
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