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Welcome to horrible support and horrible service.

Elooder Member Posts: 3
I made an error in my first card's shipping address (didn't provide a flat number) and the card never arrived. I ordered and received another card to the correct address (the only difference is that the correct address included the flat number) but my payment's been deposited to the old card that I will never receive and hence cannot activate.

Why is it I cannot choose which card the payments go to, I cannot transfer funds between my own cards and the support, which seems is based in India, is illiterate (I sent a support request about the card I cannot activate and received a reply among the lines of "just activate the card")? Also, why are funds going to an unactivated card when there's clearly an activated card taht was issued LATER?

Will probably first bombard support daily with requests and if that fails, I will try calling them directly (which will incur phone line fees that I feel Payoneer should be reimbursing me).

Until I am answered properly here or contacted by support and/or this matter is resolved, I will be posting new "discussions" with the same issue daily.

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