Payments still no approved

Hi there, I've received 2 payments quite a few days ago and although I've provided every kind of evidence and documents that'd been requested, it's still not approved nor did anyone answer my support mails I've submitted too.

Please advice.


  • tenthrangertenthranger Member Posts: 1
    Savnel. I got the exact same problem as you.

    received two payments $31, and $683, made on 2Dec and 5Dec respectively.

    $31 was made through "Billing service" which was said to be received in 2 days. However no sign of it till right now, 6Dec 12pm Singapore time.

    $683 was sent on 5Dec through the "Make a Payment" service, which is usually instant. till this point. no clue about what is happening.

    I have contacted Payoneer via their ticket system, however, there is no respond from them since yesterday.

    I hope someone in Payoneer can advice what's going on.
  • grattifixgrattifix Member Posts: 1
    Hello payoneer team, I have made a payment of $298 to [email protected] Its been three days now. I have messaged customer support but no response.
    What is the status of this payment?
    I recommend payoneer for a lot of people as I believe their service is top-notch but, with this incident I'm beginning to doubt my stance.
    Please, I need my funds of $298 back to my payoneer account
    My email is [email protected]
    161210-000849 is my support reference number. Please get back to me as soon as possible
  • eltonokadaeltonokada Member Posts: 2
    Having the same issue, have you resolved it?
  • renukarenuka Member Posts: 2
    I'm having the same problem too. When i called them it takes 15 minutes to get a simple answer where i was put on hold twice. Even after the phone conversation till now the problem is not resolved.
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