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Cancel a card that's been lost in mail.

Payoneer support is, as usual, not helpful or in any way swift, so I ask here:
Has anyone had any luck with getting them to cancel a card that was sent out but never received (and never activated)?

The payment system, being stupid, has deposited a payment on the card I will not receive and cannot activate even though I have another Payoneer card listed right next to it that I DID receive and is ACTIVATED and that is also newer than the non-activated one.

So now I have money stuck on a card I will never receive and can therefore never activated just because it is not activated and because I cannot choose which card to send a payment to when requesting it.

Would calling the card I didn't receive in, as lost, help, even though I only know the last 4 digits of the card number?

How do I mark my post as a question?