trouble creating my payoneer account

Hello, i've been recently trying to create my payoneer account. and i don't have a bank account here in my country but i see that the bank account option is mandatory for signing up. even though colleagues of mine only have the payoneer mastercard without a bank account here. is there any possibility that i can create my account without a local bank account ? please help me, thank you


  • sashaspassionsashaspassion Posts: 3Member
    I have the same problem. It is obvious that payoneer is misleading its prospective new customers with statements that are obviously not correct.
    I have heard from different people who are having the same problem and in asking for clarification from Payoneer by e-mail don't get a response either.
  • NermeenNermeen Posts: 1Member
    I'm facing the same problem and i don't know what to do , also tried to communicate with payoneer customer care but didn't get the answer .
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