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m_zeeshan Member Posts: 1
I initiated a payment of 30USD on 28 October, 2016 from my Freelancer account to my Payoneer account to test the quality and efficiency of the Payoneer service.

I was told after 10 days that because of a name mismatch on my account and my national id I've to get a new card with my name on it to use it. The new card was supposed to arrive between 29 November 2016 and 8 December, 2016, ok no problem.

Now today its 10 December 2016 and I can see the payment loaded in my account but I'm still waiting for the card to arrive, sent an email to payoneer support and got back a reply that a new card has been shipped again, expected to arrive between 27 Dec 2016 and 05 Jan 2017......

Now I see another problem that the payment is loaded into the card that never arrived and was never activated. Once the 'new' card arrives (If at all) how am I suppose to withdraw the amount that is in my non existent card? This is getting really frustrating...

Anyone? any ideas?