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Account Blocked! I need REAL HELP!!

Debrah Member Posts: 3
edited December 2016 in Ask The Community
Joe: Hello and welcome to Payoneer customer care! My name is Joe and I would be happy to assist you! Please bear with me for a few moments while I pull up your information from our system. I will be right with you.
Deborah Dallas: Hello Joe
Joe: Hello, nice to meet you! What can I do for you today?
Deborah Dallas: my account is blocked and I'm not getting any help from calling in
Joe: I will be happy to check this for you. Before we proceed, please provide some details for identification.
Joe: Please provide me with your date of birth in the US format (Month/Day/Year).
Deborah Dallas: *answer*
Deborah Dallas: hello?
Joe: Thank you.
Joe: Thank you.
Joe: Thank you.
Joe: Before we proceed, please provide me with the answer to your security question:
Joe: What is the first name of the eldest of your siblings?
Deborah Dallas: *answer*
Joe: Thank you.

Your account has been closed for undisclosed reasons. We will not be able to provide you with our services.

Deborah Dallas: okay i understand but will the pending funds on the account be returned to the senders? And will the funds that are presently in the account be returned? I am very concerned
Joe: Yes, they will
Deborah Dallas: Okay, that is helpful, so does this mean my Payoneer account will be closed without any explanation?
Deborah Dallas: And I won't be able to use Payoneer again?
Joe: I'm afraid not
Deborah Dallas: Ok, when the funds are returned will I receive confirmation that this has been done? Or do I have to keep checking with my clients? Is this something that I can get assistance on?
Deborah Dallas: hello?
Joe: CHecking your clients will be the best way to handle this
Deborah Dallas: Okay, so you are saying from this point on I will hear no more from Payoneer as to why my account was just blocked?
Deborah Dallas: nothing at all?
Joe: I'm afraid not
Deborah Dallas: But that cannot be right.