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My Accound Is Blocked !

rajith89 Member Posts: 1
I contacted customer support via Email 3 days ago because I get "My Account is Blocked" when logging to my Payoneer account. I have not get any response from Customer support since then.
Reference Number: 161212-000735
Please resolve my issue
Thank you.


  • kars01
    kars01 Member Posts: 3
    I have the same problem and sorry but the customer service is shit!!!!!!!!!!! the telephone numbers are not connected - none of them and the chat doersn't work so how the hell is someone going to unlock my account and activate my card?
  • BeLmAbDi
    BeLmAbDi Member Posts: 1
    Me too got my account Blocked but what make the situation more worse is that the support didn't respond to any of my message except of the automatic respond