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Payment to my bank account cancelled last minute

Sionn Member Posts: 1
"Unfortunately, we are no longer able to transfer funds in MYR to your bank account."

Received this "lovely" notice a few days ago. Sent a support request but only received an automated reply. I do not have a US bank account (except with Payoneer) AND this balance is not reflected anywhere in my Payoneer or local bank account, so where has my money gone and how can I get it back, Payoneer?


  • sam23
    sam23 Member Posts: 1
    Received the same email too. Now wondering how to withdraw to local bank.
    Another option is to transfer to Paypal (only if you have a Paypal merchant account, you can request a payment to charge the Payoneer account)
  • babytsuki
    babytsuki Member Posts: 1
    I also received this email... But Paypal cannot link to Payoneer anymore since Payoneer is not a bank but virtual account. So the only method to withdraw the funds is to order Payoneer Master Card :(
  • emmab66
    emmab66 Member Posts: 2
    I got this message too and when I contacted Auction Essistance, they said they had a lot of customers who got the same issue and are unable to get money out of their account.

    Is this true? Can we not link Payoneer with PayPal anymore?
  • Sharani
    Sharani Member Posts: 2
    any progress?
  • At this time, despite Payoneer's intention to offer withdrawals for Malaysian account holders, there are technical difficulties that prevent the avilablility of this feature. Payoneer is working hard on enabling it again, and of course, will let you know once a solution has been found.