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Unauthorized transaction

Tomica Member Posts: 3
Hi everyone,

Today I received two emails that a payment was made from my account to a certain email address and I didn't start or approved any type of payment. My account was literally cleared out (about $0.94 USD remained). I contacted the Customer support to report the issue and they said that the request was forwarded to the Payment Department and it should be resolved within 2-3 business days.

I couldn't help but wonder 'How could somebody even start this transaction?'. So I did a little digging and found out that this type of payment can only be initiated from my account. So I tried logging in (this was about 20-30 min after the initial report of the unauthorized transaction) but I wasn't able to. The website didn't accept my email or password. So I tried changing the password but the system didn't recognize either my email (most likely the hacker changed that) or my date of birth. So I guess they somehow gained access to my account and transferred the money that way!

So I decided to call their support AGAIN and report this as well. The guy I spoke to asked me some security questions (the same ones I've been asked the first time) and he told me that there were some discrepancies between the info he sees and the info I gave him. He refused to tell me what information doesn't add up even though I told him that I can provide him my Customer ID (I assume that's a unique # to each customer), the entire number of my card (not just the last four digits). This was absolutely maddening! Damn, I can even tell him what was my last purchase and the exact amount - down to the last penny!

It's clear that the hacker changed some part of my account (most likely my email since they CANNOT change my date of birth).

I provided them an alternative email and they told me that they will get in touch with me within 2 business days. So my questions are:

1. How long can it take for them to resolve the unauthorized transaction issue and when will my fund be reimbursed?
2. What will be with my account / card? Will I have to get a new one in order to continue withdrawing funds from the account? I did some research on the website but couldn't FIND any simple explanation about this!
3. When everything gets back to normal, will I need to change the email address (and maybe some other information as well) that is linked to my account to a new one or will I be able to use the one I used for almost two years now and NOT be afraid that something like this will happen?
4. What is the success rate of the resolution of question 1 type cases? If Payoneer cannot 'take back' the money from the account where it was transferred, how will I be reimbursed?