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Payoneer has refused to refund the unauthorised transaction that took place on my account

urogwu Member Posts: 1

Happy new year.
I forwarded all the information about the unauthorized transaction that took place on my account originating from ATM in China yet all I get is that you will not be able to help me with disputing any of the transactions.

I'm not asking you to disput any transaction, I'm only asking you to refund the unauthorized money that was withdrawn from my account as you promised after you verified about the information concerning the unauthorized transaction.

you told me you will refund the money by crediting the new card you will ship to me and I will have access to the money upon activating the card but surprisingly upon receiving and activating the card there was no money in it as promised by one of your agent.

It's obvious that you tend to be doubious by not sticking with the promise you made, now am asking, am I suppose to be begging for my money that I surffered for and I lost it because of the insecurity in your system.

Well' I have already contacted a legal advicer in New york who is willing to take up this issue and I have presented him with all the evidence about how porious your system is, information about the unauthorized transaction, all the conversation that show the agreement that you will refund the money and later said you will not do so.

I think we should see in court.