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When will payoneer start charging the annual fees? and 2 questions

sabdersmm Member Posts: 1
Hi There,
I am a professional freelancer at Upwork, PPH and Freelancer. I have a payoneer account. I opened it last year. When I opened it I requested for a master card. But I didn't received the card yet. At last I requested to send me another card with my new address and I received it. I didn't active it till now because of some queries.

1. Could you tell me when will start the annual charging cycle? from the activation date of master card or the opening date of my account? If I active my second card (I didn't receive my first card) and load $300 to my card, how much payoneer will charge right now?

2. Does payoneer charge any fees for the card that I didn't receive yet?

3. Is there any way to know if I use any referral url to open my account? because there is a reward of $25

Please help me to clear about all of my queries.



  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 595
    Hi @sabdersmm.
    I hope I can help you with some of your questions:
    1. Only once you activate your card, will the annual be deducted- given you have sufficient funds for that. In case your card was not loaded will funds, annual fee will be deducted only once you do load your account.
    2. Fee will only be deducted for cards that have been activated. If you were sent a card that never arrived and therefor was not activated, there will be no fee.
    3. To check if you signed up using a referral link, you can contact our customer care team and they can check it for you.