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My payment is being unnecessarily delayed by Payoneer, it's been two weeks or more already, help!

greatX Member Posts: 4
I'm starting to really loose faith in Payoneer. About two months ago, I needed to receive about $50 from a client, so I decided to try out Payoneer's global payment service. I sent him the details and he transferred the money through his bank immediately. He sent me scans of documents used for the processing and even the bank sent me a message as the receiver that the money has been sent. I waited and waited and waited, no notifications from payoneer. I sent my first message to them, took them almost 15 days to reply with no useful information. Sent the second message, another 15 days, they said they can't receive the funds as it was wired and the country it was sent from wasn't USA. Okay then, at least, the fund can bounce back to client's account if Payoneer does not receive it. I ask my client, he says bank has not received any refund. He's had to pay over $40 dollars in bank commissions just for a $50 transfer. End of that story, I certainly don't know. I Payoneer says they couldn't receive the money, it must be somewhere, right? And client's bank has proof that the money already went out. This is my FIRST reason for losing faith in payoneer.
SECOND reason. Client takes pity on me and says it would be too bad to work for nothing as I really did my best for the project. So he says he'll send additional 30 bucks. This time I try out Payoneer's PayNow with He uses his credit card to transfer the money, few days later, I get a notification from Payoneer that a payment is on hold because my client has not verified his identity and the payment will be cancelled after 7 days. I forward the email to client and a day after he verifies his identity. Payoneer confirms his identity and he forwards the message to me, I see his identity card front and back has been scanned and his identity has been confirmed. Days and days go by, no message/notification from Payoneer about the money. It's been almost seven days and I'm getting frustrated right now!
I'm starting to think Payoneer is duping people on the side since they know there's really not that much we can do about it. Payoneer, where is my money?


  • greatX
    greatX Member Posts: 4
    Sorry for lack of fluidity, this is to explain the "two weeks thing", from the initial time client processed the payment on till now, it's being almost two weeks but not more than. To avoid confusion. Thanks.
  • ABG2007
    ABG2007 Member Posts: 8
    Hello greatX,
    Same thing happened to me a week ago, and I'm still waiting for my funds that are still pending. I contacted their chat support four times, thay are not honest believe me. This is the second time that this happens to me. A question: would you like to recommend this bank from now on? Surely not. I still haven't understood this new stupid policy.
  • Sergio1
    Sergio1 Member Posts: 4
    Any news ? I'm worried about it since I currently have two pending payments...
  • greatX
    greatX Member Posts: 4
    Hi Sergio1 and ABG2007, I would have replied you guys sooner but I didn't receive notification alerts through my email about this post and I don't log in here often. Payoneer finally made the payment my client made via to my account about three to four days after I put my issue up in this post. The other one via global payment is hypothetically outerspace (irretrievable) according to payoneer. I hope you guys get your money too.