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Why My Account is block
and How To Solve this problem & Active my account

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  • moinuddinislammoinuddinislam Member Posts: 5
    my account also blocked if any one can help me i will provide him online outsorchaing
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    Team iT
  • moinuddinislammoinuddinislam Member Posts: 5
    I was creat 2 account by different mail but billing address is same so that i want to cancel my new one
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    Team iT
  • mamun_kostomamun_kosto Member Posts: 2
    Why my account access blocked? I can't log in ?
  • letsfiverrletsfiverr Member Posts: 4
    I don't know why payoneer team blocked my Card and Some features are not working in my account . I just received a payment from my freelancer Client $450$ but after that the payoneer blocked my card and disable my Transfer option. I am very dissappointed about it. I am failed to use my own payment. and i am messaging the payoneer team from 3 days but didn't get ansewer from support. I just want to say poor services . The customer can't use their own money. :(
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    My account has been blocked from Nov 16. I have informed from Payoneer customer care that my account is under review. But how long they will be needed for review, it is not clear from Payoneer. I have knocked payoneer several time, but they have answered only 2 times & telling same "your account is under review". Any body can help me regarding above issue?
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    For weeks i try to login at my account but forgot my password. When i try the forgot password option i get a message that they will send a message to a number which i don't own? When trying the e-mail password reset option i get no e-mail.

    Doesn't matter how many times i contact customer care i don't get any response from them. This is going on for weeks now?

    How can i reach someone from customer service to reset my password so i get access to my account again?
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    We are sorry to hear about your experience. We understand that you cannot login to your account and that you are not able to reset your password. Because you do not receive the "reset password email" you should delete the cookies or change the browser and try again.

    We also understand that you did not receive any answer from our support, it can sometimes take longer than expected because of a high volume of inquiries. You have the option to also contact our support via phone if you wish to.

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    Okay and what would be the number to call as i can't find it anywhere.
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    You can reach our call center at 1-646-658-3695.

  • MdAmirHossainMdAmirHossain Member Posts: 5
    Payoneer shown me that my account is locked for 30 minutes but after 1 hour it's still locked so what can i do now? It's a immediate problem
  • AqadeerAqadeer Member Posts: 2
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    My account is blocked I need it unblocked to receive payment as soon as possible.
    I have contacted the customer support but I've got an automated email that does not address the issue.
    I need to withdraw my earnings at freelancer so how I can unblock my account
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    Dear @Aqadeer, If the automated reply did not address your issue, you can reply to it with your issue and a representative will get back to you. And even though your account is blocked you can still use it to receive payments, also your card will remain active.

  • AqadeerAqadeer Member Posts: 2
    Thanks,but what i do for enable my account.
  • AqadeerAqadeer Member Posts: 2
    And where i told him to enable my account please help me
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    My account has been blocked since registering more than a month ago due to the fact that I had a account many years ago whose details I could not recall. I have logged multipe tickets asking for help and have done all they've asked me to do, but still no account. They said its been forwarded to the correct department but that was 2 weeks ago. I do not get an update or feedback unless I send constant emails. I am beyond frustrated and annoyed that no one seems to be assisting me and my account remains blocked. What can I do?) :(
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    Hi guys. Can't logged in to my account. It says account was locked for 30 minutes,please try again later. I already called costumer service and said to change my password. I already did. I successfully logged in. But when I logged in the second time, it says the same prompt that my account was locked again. What happened?
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    Hi @acegee we recommend that you contact the support again in order for a representative to verify your details. But in cas eit is a technical issue, you can also try to delete the cookies or change the browser.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 1,148

    @kita We are sorry to hear about your experience and understand the inconvenience. Because we cannot see your details, we cannot really advise on the possible reasons for this to happen. It sounds like your account has been under review and this might also be the reason why you have been waiting 2 weeks. If you need to contact the support, you can also do so via social media channels by sending a private message.

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    I wan't mony
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