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Funds Again Not Added By Payoneer

Payment ID:

My freelancer has sent, this payment (35926238) 900$ on 28th of December 2016 and (36560388) 400$ on 9th of January 2017, and in both cases payments were deducted from his Card and bank Account and i have already sent 4 screenshots confirming the deduction of that payment from his account. But payoneer invoice is still saying as "Rejected By The Bank Credit Card Company". When i contacted payoneer, they said that, Payment is never received by Payoneer, I again called my freelancer to visit his bank and card company to verify, if funds are pending at their side. They said we have sent the money (paid the invoice) and amount has been deducted from your account as well. It must be there with payoneer. Please payoneer make my money available now.. it's already too late. In my payment history that invoice is showing "Rejected By The Bank/Credit Card Company" but the fact is bank and card company has paid. and i HAVE Already sent all proofs of that. please be responsible and do an authentic inquiry and make my funds available in Payoneer. At first payment's were just showing a yellow circle showing some error on payoneer side and then got rejected by payoneer. But funds were deducted from bank and transferred to payoneer.
If so upset. But i can't let payoneer eat my funds this way. Which forum i have to raise my voice please guide,?