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My account is blocked

pollitus Member Posts: 5

Today i was trying to access to my account but can't be able to remember my password (i change this some weeks ago). I give up and choose to reset my password, but can't answer properly the security questions and now my account is locked!!! Already sent an email to customer support but i'm not very optimistic about a quick response. Any advice?


  • pollitus
    pollitus Member Posts: 5
    edited January 2017
    Does live chat work? and can i withdraw money from ATM with my account locked?

    Thanks for your guidance.
  • fertabasco
    fertabasco Member Posts: 1
    My account has also been blocked, they did not send me any mail to tell me the reason. I have not been given a response, when I send my data to be authorized my bank account rejected me, but they did not tell me why, send several questions but only send me automatic answers. The card they say they send does not reach me, but I do not need to have everything handled by transfers. I have balance in my account, but I can not use it because they do not authorize my bank account and now it is worse already they blocked my account. I do not think that they are dedicated to defraud the people but what if I believe is that they lack more investment in their support to the client. It seems that we are alone
  • foufa92
    foufa92 Member Posts: 1
    hi payonner can any body help me :( plz
    my account is blocked becouse i enter wrong password more than 3 time
    can you give me back my account
    Reference Number: 170112-002405
    Customer ID: 18683413
  • pollitus
    pollitus Member Posts: 5
    I got an answer from customer care ppl. They ask me to give some data and photos, i gave they that info yesterday and now waiting for a reply All this problem rise because i forgot my recently modified password :( ...btw, i didn't want to change my password anyway , they ask me to do that.
  • kars01
    kars01 Member Posts: 3
    I have the same problem and sorry but the customer service is shit!!!!!!!!!!! the telephone numbers are not connected - none of them and the chat doersn't work so how the hell is someone going to unlock my account and activate my card?
  • When it comes to online access to accounts, Payoneer will do its best to assist you in retrieving access, however it does take a while due to the sensitive nature of the information and the exposure of funds on the account. Payoneer needs to be absolutely sure it allows access to the right person, and in order to do that there's a special procedure for recovering access. Therefore the first step to recovering access is to reach Payoneer's Customer Care team through the online form, chat or phone, and they will initiate the recovery process. Following this step, the team dedicated to account recovery will reach out to you within the next few business days with instructions on how to proceed. We know it's inconvenient and you would like to recover access as soon as possible, however it's important to understand Payoneer must ensure the safety and security of your funds and account.