without card/activation card, How I withdraw money to my local bank account?

Can anyone tell me how I will withdraw money to my local bank account without card activation?
As I don't get payoneer card yet and that's why, I can't activate the card also.
But I've received the money from my client to my payoneer account.

In this situation, I have to become more worry about withdrawal and I can't get any way for card activation.
Can you suggest me about this?


  • BusraBusra Member Posts: 2
    Hi Zahid, I also have the same problem and I cannot get any response to my emails from payoneer team since June. Wathcing this issue closely! :'(
  • profitonlineprofitonline Member Posts: 2
    I do not know if Payoneer is investigating enough to help his customers.
    I have the same problem,I do not even know how I will get the money I received out of my account .

    Do you think Payoneer is a good company to work with ?
  • ilivansilivans Member Posts: 1
    The same problem. Moreover the card hadn't come in the expected time, I can't do nothing with the money on the card.
  • imarketingimarketing Member Posts: 1
    edited April 2017
    They are F**cking assholes, and useless, for Pakistan use XOOM, best way to get money in local banks, in good conversation rates.

    I had $240 in my Payoneer account, they have deducted about $30 annual fee, and now there are only $99 left. Chatted with one of the assholes on Payoneer, the guy MF told me that, I've to have the card, and without card activation, I can't withdraw money. THESE MF ON PAYONEER ARE SHAMELESS.

    Stay away from them and give bad comments as reviews on many online reputation sites, so put more shit on these MF.
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