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cancel 2nd payoneer and link it

I already have a payoneer card by an electronic mail (1) without activating, and I have been working on as a freelancer with another email (2) through a confusion with the interface request a new card, I DO NOT NEED IT and probably do not I approved it because I already have one. What I really need is to link my payoneer card with my fiver account, so I could activate it right away. I have already asked about this case in support of the fiver customer many times only gives me instructions to contact payoneer customer service, and you only give automated answers. I've spent a lot of time working and trying to figure this out.

It occurs to me that it can be solved by eliminating the request of the e-mail (2) with which I work for fiver, and associate that electronic mail to my account (1) of the payoneer that I already have. However the system does not allow me to eliminate the application while it is in the process of approval, and I am still not sure that this is the definitive solution.