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+25 days and counting still not transfered mney to my bank account.

amitt800 Member Posts: 1
Hi Guys,

Guys ignore this company. IS TOTALLY FRAUD COMPANY
Payoneer is greedy about your money. They will hold your money forever and making more drama.

Case 1: Payoneer sent money the resource which they are no longer using? what is funny thing they also not know what they are using? where they are? I think they should forget his office.
see below support person message:

Layla: I see that the reason why it was rolled back to us, is because it was sent through a processor we no longer work with. Now it was corrected.

Case 2: They processed send money to my bank account again and now failed.
see below email:

Unfortunately, your recent attempt to withdraw funds from your Payoneer account to your bank account was not successful, because the bank details that you entered are invalid. These funds have been returned to your Payoneer account.
Payment ID XXXX
Amount £XXXX
Bank Account XXXXX

I have already validate my bank information and they did it. but when I requested to withdraw; now they are creating more drama,drama,drama.

I am waiting for another case.

Guys ignore this company. IS TOTALLY FRAUD COMPANY


  • rizwan143
    rizwan143 Member Posts: 79 ✭✭
    edited January 2017
    Please Mind Your Language... Payoneer is not a Fraud as i am using it from 2009.


    Jason_Payoneer  Please Stop him from spreading Rumors.