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How not to lose money without even getting anything?

RakeRoy Member Posts: 2
So, I use payoneer master card to accept payments from fiverr. I transferred 68$ to my card which took 29$ as annual fee and 1$ just to transfer it. Then I went to different ATMs to get the money out and keep in mind that I actually did consider the amount ATMs take in order for you to get your money out of it. I had 3779 rupees in my account and it said that it takes 300 rupees for a transaction so I tried putting 3000, 2500, 2000 but it said "Cannot process the transaction" or "The amount exceeds your current balance". I then opened up my account and suddenly I have lost 10$ more. I am honestly not very happy about it as it was my first ever earning and most of it was taken and I haven't gotten a single penny out of it. Need help and/or my 10$ back. Thank you.


  • It sounds like your funds are pending authorization. What it means is that the transaction did was not completed, and now you need to wait for its expiration date, on which the funds will return to you. If you contact Payoneer's Customer care team they should be able to check what date that would be. It's usually around 7 business days for ATMs. In some cases Payoneer can actually get the funds released early once you feel a form with the information required for that process, but in the case of ATMs, the only way you may be able to get it released would be through the bank. Otherwise you can wait for the funds to release back.
  • litonjb9
    litonjb9 Member Posts: 2
    i have need to bank routing number
  • RakeRoy
    RakeRoy Member Posts: 2
    How can I get my money using ATMs without having to add a bank account? It is almost impossible to contact Payoneer's customer care team because there are too much inquiries going on.