Haven't gotten the $25 bonus and months have passed.

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Hey, i singned up through a friend a while ago, which meant i should have gotten the $25 bonus as soon as i reached the $100 line on my account, i already did that a few months ago but haven't been rewarded so far, how long more will i have to wait?


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    The same to the above post i didin't received my bonus too so what can i do?
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    Hi guys
    Just have the same problem. I wrote in support and got next response:
    "Please note: Transfers received from other Payoneer users via the "Make a Payment" service do not count towards the $100 requirement. Only accounts that signed up using a Refer a Friend link will qualify for receiving the reward."
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    the same happens with me , 136 person signed up through me in 2015 until now I did not received any rewards even 1 person form 136 person

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    I recently answered about the same issue but it takes around 1 to 3 months to receive affiliate commission. Please contact the support for help.
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    In short - The refferal/Affiliate "program" suk big time . and the guy from payoneer that replied one comment here'pishing" why is it pishing if u have 2 of yr friends upload live money there ?? if u want a chance to earn in refferal - u should try sporting book/casinos refferal - the certified companies pay aberage of minimum 100 eu of every refered friend ,that has uploaded min 100 . that payoneer that resides in petatikva , matalon , my current town unfortuntley , has a lot of assets and many employees ,and they still have impossible rules for paying affiliates .
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    How to payment chitika
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