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thefree Member Posts: 2
I got such email from Payoneer Customer Care <[email protected]> Juliana

"""We are contacting you with regard to your recent payments to your Payoneer account, and in the context of our need to comply with our policy and procedures, and ask that you provide us with some information as listed below.
Please note that your account is in order and there is no cause for concern.
Please send us a copy of a valid government-issued ID with a photo, which matches the details on your Payoneer account and has your name and your date of birth displayed clearly.

Please send us a description of the type of work you have been performing on the Decorist platform. Please include the type of products and/or services you are offering and your web site if you have one. It would be very helpful if you could also include supporting documents or invoices for the relevant sales.
We appreciate your business and ask that you provide the information requested within 5 business days, to maintain full account functionality."""

I asked two questions:
in the context of our need to comply with our policy and procedures

Can you explain what exact policy and procedures you are trying to comply by requesting from me such extra information?

to maintain full account functionality.
Can you clearly explain what the full account functionality you have in mind?

I didn't get any answers from <[email protected]> Juliana and my account was blocked.
Payoneer didn't unblock my account even after photo government-issued ID and pdf files with invoices and absolutely ignore my emails for 5 days


  • thefree
    thefree Member Posts: 2
    Dear Juliana, Payoneer Customer Care <[email protected]>

    I, again and again, ask you to explain
    1 .what in the list of full account functionality and can I choose limited functionality that was before blocking it
    2. what policy and procedures you try to comply by getting from me additional information?

    But you absolutely ignore my questions. You think you are above that to condescend to explanations.

    You block because you can,
    you do not explain because you do not have to.
    I can not understand such a lack of respect to your clients.

    P.S. It once again convinces me that centralized payment systems as much as possible must be changed by decentralized payments systems based on blockchain technologies.