"Your Global Payment Service has been disabled"

3abra7man3abra7man Posts: 1Member
I created my account from 2 years almost, suddenly my global payment service was disabled
When i contacted the customer Service the first reply was the personal information is wrong while it was old info so i asked to update it with my current info
The second reply was through live chat, they told me the problem will be solved during days, then i received another email saying the application is rejected
The third reply was through the live chat also, i asked to update my info with the current one to fix this problem, they refused
So i informed that if this account has problems with the info as it was old and payoneer considered it was wrong! I asked to create new account with my current info and close this account they said they will close it and it's not acceptable
When i asked for the reasons they said it's not allowed to tell me the reason
So i need to fix this problem as soon as possible, I'm ready to provide you with any official papers & info you need as i was an active customer for a long period
Thank you for your time
Best regards


  • sabinmaskeysabinmaskey Posts: 1Member
    could you please tell me why am i not receiving any payments through payoneer since I'm very new to the user. do I have to activate the card ?
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