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Outrageously Long Time Without Answer

still_waiting_4_ans Member Posts: 1
edited February 2017 in Ask The Community
I have submitted an inquiry (Reference Number: 170214-011368) to Payoneer approximately 3.5 days ago with sufficient time allowed for an answer before your customer support shuts down for the weekend and have yet to hear back from a customer support representative.

FYI the other company involved in this operation has replied (within 24), sent me another reply on the same day, followed up and closed my inquiry due to inactivity while I've been waiting to hear back from Payoneer.

Perhaps you should add a disclaimer to contact forms saying that you're not going to take this seriously or respect people's time.

This is a bizarrely inconsiderate approach to customer service, which is clearly a process in dire need of restructuring. :#

P.S. This is my first time in life posting an angry message – but I'm certainly not surprised that Payoneer was the company that drove me to this.