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New Customer for Prepaid Master Card

Karlo_Cro Member Posts: 1

I have quick question for you guys, a problem which I cannot solve by my own. So if anyone knows the solution please write down your thoughts. Thank you in advance.

Anyway, I tried to get Payoneer chat service but hey it says that there is high traffic and the chat is unavailable. I don't know exact message but yeah that is the point. And it is like this for a week now. So I hope that I will get some answers here.

My problem is following. I am using Payoneer for quite some time for now. However my friend wishes to become Payoneer user too. I send him that Refer a Friend link, so we both get 25$ when he earns 100$ on his card. You probably know what I am talking about. Everything is fine but when he gets to that last step of registration there is a problem. At that last step of registration he has to fill in some bank data. He cannot register and become a new user without this info. What is this? I remember when I was opening my account here on Payoneer (and bunch of my friends too) we were not asked for this step. The thing is that we work for UpWork as a freelancers and we do not have regular bank account. I was not even asked for this. And now this friend who is new in all of this has to enter bank info? What is this? You cannot open new account without a bank account? I can also provide you with a screenshot if needed.

Thank you for your help guys. Any help is appreciated.

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