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Firstchoicepay Card Fails - No Response From Support

Many payoneer customers were forced to switch to firstchoicepay to receive their earnings. I have received my card, activated it, and had earnings loaded to the card. I kept the password the same as my payoneer card to avoid confusion. Withdrawal from ATM failed. Message was "transaction could not be completed at this time". A second attempt had the same result. Went to a different bank ATM and that failed too. This time the message was "transaction cannot be processed because withdrawal exceeds the maximum daily withdrawal limit on the card". But it was only a few hundred dollars and certainly didn't exceed the limit or the available funds. At this point firstchoicepay is useless and I resent having been shifted from payoneeer.

I mention it here to hopefully get the issues resolved and inform others to be aware that the system is not yet ready for commercial use. Firstchoicepay so far has not responded to a support request via online form except an automated reply meaning they didn't read the message. They have not responded to an email request as well. And they don't seem to have a community forum like payoneer does. But firstchoicepay and payoneer are the same business.

Hopefully someone from payoneer will see this and get the issues resolved so that I can get paid. I'm in a difficult situation and need the payment yesterday. Slow support is not acceptable.

I have noticed that firstchoicepay is charging me for the failed ATM transactions. How rude can they be. Give me a card that doesnt work and then charge for failed withdrawals. Nice one payoneer/firstchoicepay!